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Old 11-11-2016,
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Default dax systems

Does anyone trade the dax on an automated system ?
Ive been running a cci system which fairs well but has big draw downs thus i do not find it stable for small accounts... do any of you have ideas that take small pieces out the dax with smaller draw downs?
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Old 11-13-2016,
Allenkem Allenkem is offline
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I dont know of an auto system for the Dax but I can tell you that last week after Thursdays close 24th March,
the Indicator I use for trading the Dow gave a Bullish signal for the Dax I do not trade the Dax so the best of luck with it ,
this is not trading advice to anyone
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Old 11-13-2016,
Alinka77foene Alinka77foene is offline
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I tried to create an automated breakout system for the eurostoxx 50 but found that the daily range was just too tight to make it worthwhile. However, the issue i have with the european the indices and an automated breakout strategy is that in a large number of days, the european day often breaks into 2 - the morning (acts independant) and the afternoon (follows the US). I am currently working on a breakout for the dax from 08.00 to 13.00 (GMT). This negates all major US economic data releases which often happen at 13.30 and any turnound from across the pond.

I am only working with statistics and dont have the programming know how on how to test it so once i have completed the stats part of the research, i'll post it and let you programming whizz kids free and see if i'm onto anything.

By the way, i am testing the dax futures front month - not cash.
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Old 11-14-2016,
alkuqvdgzzqk alkuqvdgzzqk is offline
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im working on a model on the dax but it uses the whole trading day i have not realy broken it down into 2 parts, do you use tradestation? or are your stochs all manual?
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Old 11-15-2016,
admin admin is offline
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I do it all manually as i have absolutely zero idea with programming! Just use basic excel and access and that gives me a heads up as to whether what i am testing has any statistical significance. If it doesnt, then say hello to mr bin!
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