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Old 11-13-2016,
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Default ANAD Anadigics continues to rise

Disclosure: Currently own 10000 shares ANAD

For anyone looking for a stock with solid long-term potential I'd advise doing DD on Anadigics ANAD.
I bought my first shares 7/25/05 at $2.26 and have ridden the ups and downs for almost 7 months to see ANAD close yesterday at $8.20. A 363% gain is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

But the great part of this is that ANAD has the potential to at least double and most likely triple or more within the next 3 to 5 years. It won't be a smooth ride by any means, but the direction over the long haul is positively to the upside.

I don't mean to pump the stock and recommend anyone interested to do your own research, but I have profitted from others recommendations on this board and only think fair that I share what is making me the most money also.

This weeks analysis is Value Line Investment Survey is very positive and is where I got my initial info last July.
Jim Jubak also did a column back on 10/04/2005 ( ) when the price was at $3.58 asserting the stock could possibly double by year end 2005. It came close when it continued to rise to close out the year at $6.00
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The projections from Value Line for a 3 -5 year target put ANAD at a low of $15 and a high of $30. Granted, it's a wide spread, but median estimates still give you $22.50, some 275% above today's price.

The following is from Value Line Investment Survey April 14, 2006 :
Revenues for ANADIGICS are poised to grow almost 40% this year. The company has been experiencing strong demand coming from broadband technology and the wireless sector, where revenues grew by 58%, year over year, in the fourth quarter. It has a good relationship with Tier 1 manufacturers, including Motorola and Intel. An area in particular where ANADIGICS has the technology to excel is the handset arena. Higher-generation cellphones may well grow at a pace exceeding 50% per annum for the next few years, giving the company the potential to move towards consistent operating profitability down the road. Meanwhile, ANADIGICS has growth potential in the DVR market as proliferation of digital cable continues.

We anticipate a large reduction in the bottom-line deficit this year followed by a return to the black in 2007. We think that the company will return to profitability in the third quarter based on estimates given by management and industry trends. In 2006, our annual earnings target remains at a loss of $0.15 a share and we are introducing a bottom-line target of $0.20 a share for 2007 as revenues move permanently over the break-even point. The company could quadruple the 2007 tally 3 to 5 years out, based on continued operating leverage from a rapidly growing revenue stream.
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ablktlnu73 ablktlnu73 is offline
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Upcoming qualifications give us confidence in our estimates. The company announced that its WCDMA and GSM power amplifiers are being adopted in chipsets for Qualcomm. The company is also gaining traction with LG and Samsung with various qualifications in their next-generation handsets. ANADIGICS may continue to gain market share as competitors have been feeling the impacts of supply constraints.

These shares are ranked to outperform the Value Line universe in the year ahead. However, investors should take note of the stock's low Safety rank (5).

BUSINESS: ANADIGICS, Inc. is a leading supplier of analog microwave-radio-frequency integrated circuits, using gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor material, for the communications industry wireless and broadband markets.
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Old 11-17-2016,
Adjistyync Adjistyync is offline
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In addition I might add that ANAD will release it's 1st quarter earnings announcement on Monday 04/24/2006
There were pullbacks following each of the past 2 quarter releases, and within a week of pullback the stock began to steadily rise again.
It may be prudent to wait for the earnings release or consider buying on a dip below $8.00.
I suggest the stock will be well into double digits before years end.
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Old 11-18-2016,
AdriegeExcib AdriegeExcib is offline
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yeah I rode this one up for some quick cash at the first of the year. It is also how I recieved the title monthly challenge winner

Wish I was still in it, it defies all logic by going up almost every day
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