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Old 11-17-2016,
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Default IGXT (MC $32 M) 2 FDA Approvals coming + 2 new NDA filings in 4Q =10+ Bagger Gem

Undiscovered Intelgenx (IGXT) is definitely one of the most attractive and undervalued stock in the Biotech Sector . The Company has already 2 Drugs approved and another 2 Big Drugs close to FDA approval .BIG Partnership News could come any day for up to 3 Drugs for which IGXT got a Therm Sheet from a Global Pharma Company and there is another partnering discussion ongoing for 2 Drugs (see pipeline chart below) .
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IGXT has a ridiculous Market Cap of less than $32 Million which is a Big Joke for a Company with such a MEGA Product Pipeline , this Co has everything to be the next 10 Bagger minimum .GL
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Old 11-21-2016,
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Real-Time Best Bid & Ask
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Insider Ownership :

Horst G. Zerbe 4,670,243.5 7.34%
Ingrid Zerbe 5,471,356.5 8.60%
Bernard J. Boudreau 287,500
Bernd Melcher 232,500
Andre Godin 214,500
Ian Troup 187,500
John Marinucc 175,000
Nadine Paiement 135,000
Clemens Mayr 68,750
John Durham 50,000
Robert Bechard 10,000
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Old 11-24-2016,
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All directors and officers as a group (11 persons) 11,502,351 18.08%

Institutional Holders :
Alpha Capital ...3.2M
Roadmap Capital Inc. 3.1M

Insider activity
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