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Default moving average?

Where do you find the ten week moving average for a stock? IBD tells you when a stock is at the average, but is there a graph or something that will tell me what it is? Thanks in advance-
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acajuxinij acajuxinij is offline
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Both of the answers given are, of course, correct. will also give it to you as will most brokerage charting packages.

However... there's a big caveat here....
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Abnormal Returns Abnormal Returns is offline
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You asked for a 10-week moving average. If you simply pull up a chart for your fav stock and enter 10 in the Technicals/Moving Average field, chances are you will get the 10-DAY moving average, not the 10-week moving average.

When a chart displays a moving average, it displays the "10-period" moving average, and you have to set the chart period to days or weeks. So just be careful.
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AdamarWeri AdamarWeri is offline
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If you would rather have a daily chart than a weekly chart, and you still want to see the 10-week moving average, use the 50-day moving average instead.
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The 50-day is a very commonly used moving average, and because of that it carries with it significant technical weight. It's always a good line to have on your charts.
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