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Old 10-31-2016,
Lesterric Lesterric is offline
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Default LEH nice buy right here!

t was a good buy at 9 D EMA near 14.62. It is bouncing off well. I think it goes to 16. If LEH does not hold 14.60 area, it comes to 14.20 area for next support.

I traded with it when it went above last 3 days high near 14.20 and out of it at 15.

Same deal will FRE yesterday. FRE can still go to 5.50 to fill the gap.
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Old 11-02-2016,
Austinfuh Austinfuh is offline
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Did you notice that South Korea elected not to buy LEH out after all? Did you also see that it was downgraded significantly by Morgan Stanley this morning? I think Lehman looks like a nice short right now. Currently at $14.82
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Old 11-02-2016,
auwoxyooifsu auwoxyooifsu is offline
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I don't care what the news is because financials rally on bad news and if there is a good news then they rally as well

Better to watch the price action due to news effect rather than to judge the news!

I traded well will LEH and FRE but it is risky as well. I don't think they die hard before long weekend due to lack of major news and big money out of market!
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Old 11-03-2016,
awidusauehewi awidusauehewi is offline
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Real market action will begin after big money is back next week!

I think before every long weekend Solar stocks rallied (since December 25 2007), may be this time financials are doing that!
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