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Default Invest in the 6th most influential person in the world!! YouTube star Markiplier!!! (12.8 million fo

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Red Giant Entertainment, Inc. (OTC:REDG), an Intellectual Property development company, in partnership with Glowdot Productions, Inc., an innovative app development company based in Santa Monica, California, announced today the launch date for PowFolio, a revolutionary new free-to-read comic book app built on a proprietary publishing and content delivery platform, set for May 5, 2016.
PowFolio users gain instant access to thousands of comics on their Apple iOS devices to read absolutely free and completely streaming. With an unparalleled, proprietary compression engine, readers can experience high-quality comics at faster speeds than ever before.
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comic influenced games like Outcast Odyssey. Tony Colafrancesco, Director of Business Development for BNGA says, "We see a great opportunity to build immersive gaming experiences that allow comic fans to be closer to the books they love." Benny R. Powell, CEO for Red Giant Entertainment Inc. added, "We couldn't be more excited to work with such an influential and innovative company. We look forward to the many exciting developments ahead." -

See more at:

For an example 4, Smosh: The Movie is a 2015 American comedy film (which also contains some science fiction material) directed by Alex Winter, and distributed by 20th Century Fox in the U.S./Canada and by Lionsgate Internationally. The film stars the YouTube comedy duo Smosh (which consists of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox) as well as appearances from other YouTube stars, such as Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Markiplier, and Harley Morenstein. This is Smosh's first theatrical film, and revolves around Smosh going inside YouTube virtually to alter a clip that will ruin Anthony's chances of winning over his crush, Anna. ( )
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Herohelix, founded by longtime entertainment and animation executive Chris Moujaes, helps entertainment companies and filmmakers finance, produce, and distribute original entertainment content. Herohelix will represent Red Giant for a variety of projects in both the live action and animation arenas for a selection of Red Giant’s extensive line-up of properties.
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America, where he oversaw the studio's various film release labels. Moujaes joined FUNimation in 2009 to start the department from scratch and supervise all aspects of the production process from story development all the way through post-production. Over his six years with FUNimation, Moujaes managed over $12 million in motion picture production and development, oversaw the creative development of dozens of films, and supervised the production of eight original movies as Executive Producer. Previously, Moujaes was President of Boomstar Inc., an international animation services company specializing in video games and television, and Spoonbend Inc., a branding agency.
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How to Calculate Ad Revenue Per Download

Step 1
Calculate ad impressions per 100,000 users who download an app, test and discard it. A Stanford Venture Lab presentation notes that 85 percent of 100,000 users install the app and then delete it after about five minutes of use. About 95 percent of these have an Internet connection needed to download ads. Multiply 0.85 by 0.95 by 100,000 to determine the number of users per 100,000 who download apps with ads and then delete them. This equals 80,750. Divide five minutes by 30 seconds to find ad impressions, which equals 10. Multiply 10 by 80,750 users to find total impressions. This equals 807,500.

Step 2
Calculate ad impressions per 100,000 users who download an app and retain it. The Stanford Venture Lab presentation notes that 15 percent of 100,000 users install the app and retain it. Ninety-five percent of these have Internet access. Multiply 100,000 by 0.15 by 0.95 to find the number of users with Internet access who retain the ad, which equals 14,250 users. The lab also notes that users who retain apps use them for about 10 minutes a day (this information is based on games not a reader app so you can practically double this) for 21 days. Multiply 10 times 21 to find total minutes, which equals 210. Each ad lasts 30 seconds, so multiply 210 minutes times two to find total ads, which equals 420 ads per user. Multiply by 14,250 to find total ad impressions per 100,000 users who retain downloaded apps with ads. This equals 5,985,000.

Step 3
Calculate revenue per 100,000 users. Add 807,500, the number of ad impressions by users who don't retain the app, and 5,985,000, the number of ad impressions by users who do. This equals 6,792,500. Use Stanford Venture Lab's average revenue estimate of $3 per 1,000 add impressions: 6,792,500 impressions divided by 1,000 times = 6,792.5 X $3 equals $20,377.50 mobile ad revenue per 100,000 app Download's.
(Remember we expect them to be on it lot longer than 10 minutes so it could even be as high as $45,000.00)

This is just the base and does not include subscription or up-sells

So with just a mere five million download this product can generate $2,250,000 in a very small window of its launch date!
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