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Default TRM (Trade Risk Management)

I'm not kidding !!!!
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It may be a coincidence, but today I received an e-mail from TRM warning about alternative providers of Sigma Bands. It says they are based on "polynomial regression and not critical analysis" and that others are using "pretty questionable ideas concerning momentum"...... and no, I don`t know what that means either,
but I thought you should know. TRM say that they`re consulting their lawyers, so it looks like Ben Dover is about to get shafted.
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Old 10-27-2016,
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Once again great feedback.
By chance I came across another website and I think they run along the same lines as TRM.The person who runs this site is one Travis Mijat who supplied one of the testimonials on the TRM site.
Instead of sigma bands they have a price drawn on a chart which,according to them,is the limit the price will go to before it reverses thus giving option selling opportunities.They gave me a 2 wk trial and I have noted about 50 stocks that should expire away from this price come Feb expiration day.I'll post again then and let you know how they did.
BTW they give these prices for US UK and AUS stocks as well as Indices.
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