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Default Loss after loss....I am ready to get back to trading....

I started out trading back in 2006 when first getting out of college. I took a loss of 6,000 when investing in penny stocks. I closed my account. Back in 2010, I opened another account with 40,000 and quickly burnt more than half of it when investing in a biotech company, which turned out to be a failure with a drug not approved by FdA. Then back in 2013, I lost another 30k on trading with options.

In 2014, I literally started reading books and charts. I learned about chartings and patterns and decided not to play real money, but paper trading.

Now I have some extra money and I am ready to get back into the game. I am looking for some mentors. I am also wondering if anyone here recommends any subscription services (not Jim Cramer,pls). I am thinking of joining My goal is to swing and day trade with target 20 percent annually. I have around 40k to invest at this time.
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