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AlbertDumb 11-05-2016

What TA software you use?
Would like to know what TA software you guys use? I use QuoteTracker. But I don't really like it. There are always something they should improve.

AlbertRict 11-08-2016

TradeStation. I think they are one of the best. I used to use QCharts but not sure if they are still around.

TradeStation lets you write custom indicators (which is why I like it). You can write programs to let it trade for you automatically too. I don't use it because I am a descretionary trader, not a mechanical one. Not too many trading software let you do that.

TO use it free of monthly fee, you need to trade more than 5000 shares of equities in a given month (different quota for futures contracts).

AlexGromow 11-09-2016

Thinkorswim Prophet chart is excellent! You can just register for free without funding your account and can use live Prophet charts.

Alekseymelt 11-09-2016

Normal Charts(also shows futures, currency charts) and quotes are 20 mins delayed if you dont fund your account.

AlfonzoP47 11-10-2016

I use Prophet charts even though I have funded my account!

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