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baxzepod71 11-12-2016

Men, would you attempt this for $35,000?
You have to grow your facial hair so that you either have a full beard or at least a very noticeable 5 o'clock shadow (including neck hair, etc., so no shaving whatsoever). You then shave exactly half of your face/neck (either all of the left or right side).

You then have to walk down the sidewalk during business hours and ask random people (at least 10) if you "missed a spot" while shaving this morning.

You must keep a perfectly straight face, and you must "stick around" each person for at least 30 seconds (asking follow-up questions, etc.).

$100,000 is awarded if you still have shaving cream on half of your face.

Benma 11-15-2016

I can deadpan pretty well so I'd do this.

beacpird44 11-15-2016

What exactly about this is hard?

Bernardmig 11-16-2016

Sounds pretty easy lol

Billiebix 11-17-2016

Dude that'd be hilarious. Of course I'd do it. I'd even video-tape it and post it on youtube.

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