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avisarqi 10-31-2016

GSPG - Goldspring Inc.
Goldspring, Inc. (Goldspring) is a North American precious metals mining company focused in Nevada, with land holding in the Comstock Gold-Silver District of Nevada. The Company is engaged in an exploration program of the Hartford Deposit. As of December 31, 2008, the Company had drilled 130 holes at the Lucerne/Hartford Complex at its Comstock Project. The Company intends to continue the exploration drilling program. The Company’s Comstock exploration activities include open pit gold and silver test mining.

Baldarei 11-03-2016

I read your all in..... posting about this stock on other boards.

awufeigv 11-03-2016

Yep I am very confident on this stock.

BarrackTigo 11-04-2016

Good evening guys and gals, first I want to say I hope you all are having a great safe weekend. I just updated the chart of GSPG and you can see it right here.

Barchart 11-04-2016

Fridays are usually sell-off days with low volume but GSPG was over 20M volume yesterday which is about 6M more than average. If not for somebody selling 3700 shares ($36.26) at the end of the day we would have closed at .0105 for a nice 7.14% profit for the day. We are oversold and the sellers cannot sell anymore as buyers are about to take over. As this happens, momentum will carry us over the .012 resistance and into new highs. I am all in with GSPG and I am confident you will all be pleased with GSPG this week.

admin 11-05-2016

I have also updated the level 2 for GSPG, it shows nice bid support with 3 MMs sitting on the bid with 2MMs on the ask at .0105. Then only 1MM at .011, .0132 and .014 before we get to .015. Things can go quickly starting on Monday so if you haven't already done so, I would take a position in GSPG as soon as possible.

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